The Code for Hundo.

                        // Get the values from the Page
                        // Entry point - Controller function
                        function getValues() {
                            // Get values from page
                            let startValue = document.getElementById("startValue").value;
                            let endValue = document.getElementById("endValue").value;
                            // Parse into integers
                            startValue = parseInt(startValue);
                            endValue = parseInt(endValue);
                            if (Number.isInteger(startValue) && Number.isInteger(endValue)) {
                                // Call generateNumbers
                                let numbers = generateNumbers(startValue, endValue);
                                // Call displayNumbers
                            } else {
                                alert("You must enter integers")
                        // Generate numbers from startValue to endValue
                        // Logic function
                        function generateNumbers(startValue, endValue) {
                            let numbers = [];
                            // Get all numbers from start to end
                            for (let index = startValue; index <= endValue; index++) {
                                // Execute in a loop until index = endValue
                            return numbers;
                        // Display the numbers and mark even numbers in bold
                        // Display/view function
                        function displayNumbers(numbers) {
                            let templateRows = "";
                            for (let index = 0; index < numbers.length; index++) {
                                let number = numbers[index];
                                let className = "even";
                                if(number % 2 == 0)
                                    className = "even";
                                } else {
                                    className = "odd";
                                // This does not render correctly with prism, see the source on Github.
                                templateRows += `${number}`;
                            document.getElementById("results").innerHTML = templateRows;

Hundo is a JavaScript coding challenge. We ask the user to input a starting and ending number. Next we show the results in a table, bolding the even numbers.


We use the JavaScript document API to get the starting and ending values entered by the user. Next we verify the user's input can be parsed as an integer. If the input is valid we call the generateNumbers() function then we call the displayNumbers() function.


The generate numbers function takes the starting and ending values that the user entered as parameters. Next we use a for loop to populate an array from the starting value to the ending value. We then return this array to the calling function.


The displayNumbers() function takes the array we built in generateNumbers() and loops over it while populating the templateRows variable with HTML used to display a table with rows for each number in the array. If the number is even we use CSS to apply `font-weight: bold;` to the HTML element. Next we use the JavaScript document API again to set the innerHTML property, which we use to set the HTML contained within the element.