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You have found Kyle Givler's Personal Homepage. There isn't much here to explore at the moment, but I suggest checking back in the future. While waiting for this website to be expanded I suggest checking out the following links:

About me

I am an aspiring C# developer currently seeking my first development role. I am extremely passionate about development and technology. I enjoy learning and teaching others what I know. I prefer backend development, but I strive to have an understanding of frontend as well. I have varying experience levels with the following technologies:

C#, Winforms and .NET
Visual Studio
SQL Server, SQLite, Dapper, and Entity Framework Core

Currently I am expanding my web development skills. I am learning more ASP.NET and although I do not enjoy frontend as much as backend development I intend to learn more HTML/CSS/JavaScript and related frameworks such as Bootstrap and React. I have started a portfolio of my work here: https://github.com/Kyle-Givler

I also have some familiarity with other technologies and programming languages to a lesser extent. This includes Java, C, C++, PowerShell, and Bash among others. I have experience in both Windows and Linux environments.

Currently I am succeeding in a Project Coordinator role. My responsibilities include loading Oracle Xstore POS software using Linux thin clients, vSphere for managing VMs, coordinating third party vendors for installation of POS hardware. I also provide help desk type support to new, relocating and remodeled stores.

I am willing to work remotely or relocate with assistance. A copy of my resume can be found on my LinkedIn.